At Opal Dance we offer a range of aerial arts classes, pole, aerial hoop, pole silks, silks and coming very soon in our new studio we will have trapeze and aerial nets.

Our pole, pole silks, silks,  hoop and trapeze are fun and very rewarding to learn, but they are also a great way to get into shape, tone up, lose weight and improve flexibility.  Suitable for everyone who is wanting to give them try,                                  to secure a place on any of our classes.

We have children's classes suitable from 5 years to 17 years.  We're  qualified,  enhanced DBS checks and insurance to teach dance, fitness and aerial arts to children. Your children will learn gymnastic floor, dance routines, tricks and spins on pole, pole silks, silks, hoop and the trapeze.  Our classes are fun, yet disciplined.  Our classes are designed to help children with mental well-being, communication, anti-bullying, creating healthy and positive friendships and trust.

Our beginner classes are suitable for adults from 18 years of age to how ever old you’re willing to try.  You can be at any fitness level and you do not need the strength before you start.   We teach you how to pole dance and to aerial hoop.  You will gain your confidence, your strength, your flexibility as you train and you will see the difference over the months.



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