Covid-19 update

Opal Dance is located in Wigan, Greater Manchester.  This currently puts us in Tier 4 from December 2020, meaning we can not open for any training at all to the public.

The Government should be looking at data every 2 weeks to review area Tiers.

We have been closed from the 2nd lockdown since November 5th 2020 and have been working closely since then with Wigan Environmental Health Officer to ensure that we have the correct guidelines for each Tier.


Once we are placed back into Tier 3 we can:

Teach children in group sessions

Instruct adults on a 121 basis only

Open for individual training (as you would use a gym)


Tier 2:

As Tier 3 but group adult taught classes would be allowed.

Opal Dance studio has a detailed SOP in place for all Tiers for staff and victors to follow.

For anyone visiting for training, checks or you are a parent and wish to check our SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) this is available on request.

Kara Bulpitt the owner and principle instructor is also a Specialist Registered Dental Nurse and Lead Infection Prevention Control of her division within a hospital.  So her knowledge and care is of high standard within her studio.


Currently Closed Tier 4 

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